Monday, 30 June 2014

Budget Eyelash Curlers

They're abit dirty from using them, oops.
I've had eyelash curlers for years, but just recently added them into my make-up routine. They all look so similar, but once you begin using them you can then understand whether you like them or not. For me, it all depends on the type of handle they have, whether you can hold them easily and if they're not too harsh or sharp on the lashes or against eyes. I find when I do use them they make me look more awake and give my lashes a natural curl that lasts all day! I always see the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers being reviewed and raved about. But the thing is, who wants to spend £20 on eyelash curlers! I admit I have been tempted too, but then I think to myself 'What's the point!?'
Then I found these, hidden away in Primark! Who knew they did beauty, and did it so well I might add. I am in love with their Eyelash Curlers, and at a £1 who can't love them...
They give my lashes a natural up-lift, making me look more awake and alive. Makes my Mascara work so much better and makes my make-up look more naturally beautiful. These Eyelash Curlers and your favourite Mascara combined work beautifully! The Curlers have a sponge on the applicator where it presses against your lashes and feels incredibly comfortable. The actual handle is good quality and has a gorgeous white & pink spongey material making it much more easier to grip and keep hold of so they don't slip out of your hand. These aren't hard to press together and make curling your lashes ten times easier. They're very smooth and soft during use and give a gorgeous lift to the lashes

What are your Best Budget Buys?


  1. I'll look out for these. I had eyelash curlers years ago and kept meaning to get some more but didn't know which were any good. Thanks :)

    1. Yeah. That's good. What's good with these is you're not wasting your money. X


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