Saturday, 28 June 2014

Real Techniques Blush Brush

As soon as the Real Techniques Brushes hit the shops, they were a must-have in every beauty lovers make-up bag. There's so many different brushes to choose from and they're such a good price for what they are! I already have The Core Collection and The Starter Set but I didn't have anything to apply my Blusher. I picked this one up because I was debating between the Blush Brush and the New Retractable Bronzing Brush, but the Bronzing Brush is slightly more expensive at £13.99 and I didn't have enough Boots points on my Advantage card. (I was secretly crying inside...)

The Bristles are so soft and light it's incredible, they apply the product really well and pick up the Blush great with no fall out. The Brush applies my blusher in one sweep so I have to be careful not to apply too much, blends the product really well into the skin, making everything alot more natural. This brush is great for blusher because it helps me build the product but at the same time it doesn't pick up too much product. The brush is beautifully made and excellent quality compared to other Brushes that are more expensive than this one. 
The Handle is great to apply blusher, it's really long and a gorgeous shade of pink. I love the look of this brush, it's beautiful!
This can also be a multi-tasking brush and be used for powdering or contouring as well as blusher. 
When cleaning this brush as well it doesn't shed and drys quickly leaving the bristles lovely and soft as they were when you first bought it. At a drugstore price, it's great value for money!

What's your favourite Make-up brush?


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