Saturday, 28 June 2014

Apps for Bloggers

As I've been blogging more and more I've been learning alot on the way, and I wanted to share what I've learnt with others that may be new to blogging or want to start their own blog but are slightly hesitant about the idea. (I know I was at first!)
Instead of constantly logging onto your computer or laptop every-time you either want to check your blog or upload a new post, you can do it all straight from your phone. Alot of us use our phones on a daily basis and use them for anything and everything, right!? So, here are a few must-have apps for current and up and coming bloggers...

Blogger - 
Whether you've created a blog on Blogger or Wordpress you need either app, I only have blogger because that's who I created my blog with. 
This app is great for blogging on the go, you can either view your blog and make any important changes or write and edit any recent posts. 
Very simple and easy to use, and great for when you have a post idea away from your computer. Blogger app is also free so you don't have to worry about any un-wanted charges or fees. 
Quick, easy and simple! 

Bloglovin -
Where all bloggers hang out, and a great place to follow your favourite blogs and get followed! 
It's very simple and easy to use, as well as being free, so again no un-wanted charges or fees!
Without the hassle of your computer, you can view your favourite blogs when you're out and about straight from your phone. All you have to do is attach a link on your blog where others can click to view your bloglovin profile. This is a great social app for bloggers, and a must-have when it comes to keeping updated with everyone. 

Dropbox -
This makes blogging ten times easier, this is another free app that allows you to upload photos from your phone to your computer. It's also incredibly easy to download on both your phone and computer. Download it on your phone first then it takes you through the different steps to download this on your computer.. It's amazing how simple and easy this is to use and allows you to write posts when you're too busy to sit down and take time out of your schedule.  

Gmail -
I'm sure you can already guess what this app does right! Gmail, an app that allows you to see your emails straight from your phone. Helping you keep in touch with everyone, also see any updates you need to. This is great and don't have to keep logging into your emails online, it's hassle free and easy to use. This app is also free, so there's no hidden charges if you want to download this app. 

Do you have any must-have app that you want bloggers to know about?

*Images from Iphone App Store. 

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