Tuesday, 23 September 2014


I'm sure you could of guessed this was coming, I just had to do this post as I was away. It's a must when someone goes away as I am fairly nosey, I say fairly. What's in my beach bag? It's pretty typical of a standard beach bag, similar to what you'd put in.

Sandals of course have to be Havaiana's just because they're so comfy and durable, easy to wear and don't tear my feet apart. I mentioned in a previous post I was reading The Rivers of London, still plodding along slowly but surely I'm getting there. River Island Sunglasses, (from the mens section of course) these ones are really comfy and stylish and go with any outfit I wear.

Of course there's my staple and well loved Palmer's Cocoa Butter, for when I'm lacking a little moisture, perfect for when you want hydration quick and easy. An SPF Lip Balm, I can't leave home without one because the last thing I want is dry, burnt lips whilst I'm away. Simple Radiance Cream is what I've recently switched to, my skin is loving it and I'll be reviewing this beauty further down the line. A standard Primark Beach Towel and lastly Piz Buin which can never do any wrong, I always use this stuff and swear by it every holiday, I slowly work myself down the SPF Ladder from 30 to 10.

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  1. Seeing this post made me so jealous of you being on holiday! Hope you're having a fab time! x


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