Wednesday, 8 October 2014


I'm sure by the title of this post you can already tell what I'm going to talk about, in my opinion Autumn is one of my favourite seasons, the weathers mild and winter's on it's way, that can only mean that festive feeling and loads of presents! Typically, Autumn shades tend to be Reds, Burgundy's and Brown shades - I'm guessing all the colours of the leaves!

Any nail polish colour can literally make or break any outfit depending on the colour and if everything comes together. Barry M Nail Polishes have been a staple for me for around six years because they're so affordable and the colours are all beautifully pigmented with great colour pay off. Barry M Gelly Polish in Pomegranate and Blood Orange are both gorgeous, high shine polishes perfect for this season. Pomegranate is a brighter pinky/red polish whereas Blood Orange says it all in the name, it's a much deeper red with a strong yet subtle orange tone. (They'd go perfectly with this Zara Bag!)

Barry M Nail Paint in Raspberry is one I go back to all year round when I want to wear a rich red polish. A Strong burgundy, red shade that completes any outfit, I can wear almost anything with this polish and I know everything will look super pretty! With a gorgeous and long-lasting matte, finish this is the perfect red polish on a budget.

Bourjois Nail Polish in Santal Opulent and Rouge Escarpin are although opposite shades of burgundy, they still made it into this post. Santal Opulent is a rich burgundy red-y/brown shade you can wear in transition from day to night and Rouge Escarpin is a much deeper, darker tone of red but compared to Essie Fifth Avenue which is a typical much red polish, and with a cute name such a this how can you not fall in love with it. 


  1. I love wearing red nail varnish for the autumn/winter. At the moment I'm wearing a really deep and dark red from Rimmel - I'm kind of obsessed with it.

    Jemma | Jemma In Words

  2. Love love love reds in the winter

    check me out!!!


  3. Loving these colours!

    - Keyta

  4. I go back and forth between wearing a lot of red or not wearing it at all, but I love it in general. That Essie one looks really pretty :)

  5. really enjoyed reading through this post :) also I really love those colours! I have two red ones from Kiko that I really like :P

    would like a follow for follow on gfc? I'd love to :33

    xx Monia

  6. AH, you got me so weak in the knees! Red nail polish is my absolute favorite, I must own about 20 and I can't get enough!

    xx Alyson
    The Beauty Vanity

  7. I love reeeed, I've got an obsession with it :)
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