Thursday, 9 October 2014


I must admit I only recently added a toner into my routine, mainly because I thought What's the point? Why do I need to add something else into my routine? I generally try to keep my routine quite simple and not try to add new products in as often as I'd like mainly because I find my skin is at it's best when I use similar products and try to stick to them. 

Since I've included this into my routine I can see a difference in my skin already, I only use this at night when I want to take my make-up off because I find after cleansing make-up can still linger on my skin and this just gets the rest off. This doesn't dry out my already very dry skin, it makes my skin look very plump and glowy and feels really smooth. I had a few red patches/areas on my face, mainly dotted around my nose and chin but these have really calmed down since using this toner. My skin looks more refreshed and hydrated, and to be honest everything just looks alot brighter and more even. My Skin is really sensitive but this doesn't irritate it at all, it's very gentle and calming. My Skin is really weird, it's very dry and extremely sensitive due to my eczema but I also get a handful of breakouts from time to time. Due to this I've had alot less breakouts and when I do get abit spotty they're only small, but once I apply this they tend to heal alot quicker and marks disappear faster. I think this will definitely be staple in my skincare routine, and for the price I couldn't find any better.


  1. I must admit I hated the cleanser version of this, but I might need to give this a whirl

  2. I too use toner in the evening after I take off my make-up and it's great for my skin. Great post.


  3. Definitely going to try this

    Check Me Out!!!


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