Monday, 20 October 2014


I love wasting my money on beauty products, either new launches or something I've lusted over for months. Not being able to bring myself to pay full price for something unless I've read countless reviews and wanted it for several months, but other than that I usually search different sites for many hours at one time for a must-have bargain. 

I've been lusting over the Tarte Amazionan Clay Airbrush Foundation for a while now, and to go with this I need the Tarte Foundation Brush, Obviously! I chose to go with the bigger Foundation Brush just because I prefer I bigger handle rather than a tiny kabuki brush kind-of-thing! 

I couldn't get over how cute this Bobbi Brown Eye Palette is. With Eight gorgeous shades, tortoise shell packaging and of course in mini version I was completely sold. (I can't handle the cuteness!)
Everyone but me has the Hourglass Blush Palette, yet again, the blush shades are stunning and a set like this is a staple item to have in your stash. 
I was scrolling through a concealer I hadn't already heard of and stumbled across the Make up Forever Camouflage Palette, this one is for lighter skin tones but I chose this one as apposed to the light to medium palette because this one has the green tone rather than a blue, the green with work against my blue-y, purple under eyes. Something I am in need of for sure! 


  1. That camouflage palette looks amazing xx

  2. the eyyeshadow pallete looks amazing

    check me out


  3. Very nice :)


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