Monday, 6 October 2014


Look what I finally got my hands on! After drooling over this for months on end, I could only dream of having this because of the price tag. But I tried to find something similar on the budget market and continually failed so I decided to give in and get it. Despite the higher price of this stuff I'm glad I finally caved and bought it, this is definitely not budget/purse friendly but this stuff stands on its own above all my budget products, it's like nothing I've used before.

I bought this through feelunique because of their little try me trial they currently have, (as well as a cheeky little discount code!) With the Try Me trial they sent me a 5ml sample for free along with the full sized product I initially paid for. 
By sending me a mini hydrating booster I can try the product before-hand and if I don't like it I can send back the full sized booster un-opened and get my money back! Win, Win.

I've only just began using this so I haven't seen massive change in my skin but as I use this more and more I can see little dry areas becoming alot less dry which for me is a miracle especially coming into the colder months. The Hydrating Booster is almost like applying silky water to your face, it's so weightless yet has all the right ingredients to make skin happier. I've seen more a change from this than I have from anything else, sinks in almost immediately after application and plumps my skin giving me a gorgeous glow and a more even skin tone. I had alot of redness in my skin before but thanks to this it's has gone down so much and my complexion is so much more even and glowing. All these tiny changes are after a few uses both day and night so I'm excited to see the long term changes in my skin from this product. 
Did I forget to mention that this is a serum targeted to make your moisturiser work ten times better!?


  1. I definitely want to try this product

    Check me out!!!


  2. You know, I didn't actually realise FeelUnique does Sarah Chapman products! That's pretty good! Will have a look through the range, I think I've got a Feelunique discount code laying around somewhere. Great to hear you like the Hydrating Booster! xx

  3. Wow, this sounds ideal for me. What is it exactly, like a serum? :)


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